Dachsberg: Bike trip to the valley of the river "Schwarzwenbächle"


An eventful light bike tour in the Upper Hotzenwald. The tour can alternatively be carried out as a leisurely automobile trip, at all information points there are breakpoints. The tour will make great fun with the e-bike .

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Starting point of the tour:

Town hall square (Rathausplatz) Dachsberg-Wittenschwand

Destination of the tour:

Town hall square (Rathausplatz) Dachsberg-Wittenschwand


The valleys of the little rivers "Ibach" and "Schwarzenbächle" are crossed by the county road K6591 wich ist little used. Along the road you can find a lot of nature an landscape experiences: Moor informations, lookout, family playground and barbecue place, the Ibach-Bridge, a former mine "Grube Herrmann", the waterfall "Krai-Woog-Gumpen", paths through the moor, an relic of the ice age, named "Toteisloch". Duration of driving depending on your condition 1.5 to two hours. Plan  two to three hours for rest and sightseeing.


The start is in the "Rathausstraße" that leads to the "Schmiedebachstraße" which is part of the county road 6590. Two kilometers straight up to "Bruggrainweg", here you find the nature reserves "Ennersbacher Moor" and "Bruggmatt" with the moor information station (about 20 meters the way in). Join the county road up to the bus stop at the intersection "Ennersbach". At the bus stop on the left you the take the path trough the forest which is parallel to the county road up to the crossing of two small roads . Here you drive a short piece over the meadow and than walk the last few meters to the lookout point on the "Bühl" with a panorama board for the Swiss Alpes .

When the weather permits, you will have a great view to the Swiss Alps, which is explained on an information board. Return to the crossing, turn to the right towards "Waldsportplatz Wolpadingen".  In late july a great sports festival takes place here, in early august the "Dachsberger Kohlenmeilertage" (charcoal kiln days) are celebrated on this place. Look at the informations borad for the charcoal burning. Follow the road an pass the sand pit , then turn to right, and you come back to the county road. Turn to the left und follow it downhill to "Vogelbach" to the junction in direction to "Görwihl". 

Now you have reached the county road K6591 and the the valley of the river "Ibach". A short distance it goes downhill, than the road ist flat and goes straight to the junction to Todtmoos at right. The road enters  the "Ibachtal" an goes leisurely straight to the  wood store place of the "Burger Säger".  Just nearby there is the leisure area "Burger Säge" with a lawn, a fire pit and benches. The small rivers "Ibach" und  "Schwarzwanbächle" flow together here, the shallow warter can be dammed. For kids this is a fan way to splash around.



Look for adequate clothing and take enough drinks with you.

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If you have moved the kids to continue your tour, the "Ibach-Brücke" (brigde over the Ibach) will be achieved soon (after a totaol of ten kilometers overall) and the "Schwarzenbächletal" opens up. You follow the road K6591. The "Schwarzenbächle" will be crossed by another brigde, now it flows on the right side of the road. 1,5 km further, there ist the next stop, the mine tunnel of "Grube Hermann" witch ist closed with lattices. Take time to study the information board and you will learn amazing things about the mining in the region. Just a few hundred meters further attracts the mysterious "Krai-Woog-Gumpen".

Depending on the amount of water the waterfall plunges with more or less noise in the glacier mill , a relic of the Ice Age. How this glacier mill has been arisen is explained on the information board. You climb up the few meters to the pool and enjoy the mysterious atmosphere of this place. In the summer courageous people use the opportunity for a cooling bath.

You continue the tour and pass the "Schwarze Säge". Now you have reached the nature reserve "Kirchspielwald-Ibacher-Moos". Here ist a central point of the "7-Moore-Weg" witch you can explore  by another hiking tour. On the small boardwalks into the moor you can do short walks and watch the moor vegetation, witch shoes its flowering plants depending from the seasons.

The next stop is at the moor station. There is also a lot to learn about the capercaillie , which  is to be made at home again in the region. The road passes very slightly ascending  the "Silberbrunnenmoos" and splits in directions "Todtmoos" and "Ibach". Turn at right to "Ibach". Follow the paved street to the parking area for hikers at "Fohrenmoos", pass it and  at "Kleinfreiwald" keep the direction to "Ibach". Soon the pasture landscape of "Ibach" will be reached.

Pass the church and go at right to "Unteribach". A 800 -meter-long moderate increase is in front of you, than the hardest part of this tour is managed. At the crossing take the direction "Wittenschwand". Now stop for a view to the "Saileweiher", a "Toteisloch (= dead-ice-hole)", a remnant of the ice age. It is a gap in the forest, in the midlde a few spruce trees. In summer you see the moorland vegetation around , in the winter it is full of water, ice or snow with a small island. On the further way you pass the pastures and meadows from "Ruchenschwand" and come back to Wittenschwand Town Hall place.



Turn on the K 6591 to the Town Hall (Rathaus) in Wittenschwand .


Cost-free parking at the Town Hall square Wittenschwand .

Public transport

Public transport stop on the 7324th
Timetable information www.bahn.de
Elevation profile:
Difficulty medium
Distance22.23 km
Ascent 477 m
Descent 477 m
Duration 1,45 h
Lowest point700 m
Highest point1001 m
Starting point of the tour:

Town hall square (Rathausplatz) Dachsberg-Wittenschwand

Destination of the tour:

Town hall square (Rathausplatz) Dachsberg-Wittenschwand


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