Höchenschwand, the climatic health resort, is situated on an altitude of 1,015m between Schluchsee and Waldshut. The township consists of the main village of Höchenschwand and ten hamlets south of it. The magnificent position on a high plateau descending to the south facilitatesa wonderful view of the Swiss Alpine mountain range.

Germany’s highest health resort with a curative climate

Höchenschwand owes its quality as a health and holiday resort primarily to its unique location on the sunny high plateau sloping slightly to the south in the Southern Black Forest area. Themarvellous viewon a clear day is superb: On approximately 60 days per year, the Alps appear from Mont Blanc through to Säntis. In addition, a health-conducive, mild stimulating climate, long periods of sunshine, rarely any fog and often a temperature inversion during the autumn and winter months.

Höchenschwand – your health and holiday resort

In Höchenschwand, in the Southern Black Forest nature reserve, you experience nature at its best. Because of its unique location, guest fondly call Höchenschwand the 'village in the heavens'. Höchenschwand invites holidaymakers, health resort guests, families and singles with varied programmes of sports, cultural and social events the whole year round.

Very good infrastructure with sports, recreational and cultural facilities as well as varied entertainment programmes ensure that you are never bored. Guests of all ages can draw on the full spectrum of recreation, health, wellness, sports, adventure, fun and nature.

Unique in the Black Forest: The Nature Sports Centre Höchenschwand with its tennis hall, outdoor tennis courts, sauna & fitness spa, lookout and climbing tower, lawn sports field, forest sports path and the team world with attractive indoor and outdoor activities for groups, conferences and seminars.

Höchenschwand, the health resort with a curative climate, is part of the tourism co-operation of Ferien Südschwarzwald, to which also Dachsberg, Weilheim-Nöggenschwiel and Ibach belong and is located in FerienWelt Südschwarzwald.

Highlights in Höchenschwand


freely accessible / always open

On the "Wolfspfad" children and adults together with "Lupus", the companion and friendly mascot of the path, go on an exciting discovery journey around the life of the wolves.

Healthy climate hiking trails around Höchenschwand

freely accessible / always open

Discover Höchenschwand and environment on the Heilkima hiking trails and enjoy the beautiful area.

RV Park in Höchenschwand

freely accessible / always open

Stay comfortable in the nature- If you have this wish, you are welcome in Höchenschwand.

Natursportzentrum in Höchenschwand

freely accessible / always open

Close to heaven

The sky above the " Dorf am Himmel " in the Ferienwelt Südschwarzwald comes a little closer on the lookout and climbing tower in sports and nature center Höchenschwand .

Tiefenhäuserner Moor in Höchenschwand-Tiefenäusern

freely accessible / always open

The Tiefenhäuserner Moor is a small glacial tongue basin and surrounded by a moraine. It is a typical raised bog which goes over the edge at some points in a fen.

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Blick vom Aussichts- und Kletterturm auf Höchenschwand