Görwihl is situatd in the centre of the Hotzenwald - a delightful spot of untouched nature in the Southern Black Forest. The township is imbedded in a landscape of rolling hills offering breathtaking views of the Alpine mountain ranges of the Swiss Jura in favourabel weater conditions.

Highlights in Görwihl

Aquihl indoor pool Görwihl

The indoor pool in Görwihl, a refreshing meeting place for people of all ages, now has a shiny new look.


freely accessible / always open

Görwihl. Wanderparkplatz und Infotafel in Strittmatt

Wanderparkplatz Sägmoos

freely accessible / always open

Görwihl. Wanderparkplatz und Infotafel Sägmoos

Höllbach waterfalls Görwihl

freely accessible / always open

The Höllbach waterfalls are located some 500 metres northeast of the parish of Görwihl. At this point the Höllbach, a tributary of the River Alb, drops vertically in a system of waterfalls, the biggest of which is around 8.5 metres in height. The waterfalls can be visited as part of a 3.5 kilometre walk starting and finishing in Görwihl.

Hotzenwald museum of local history Görwihl

The Görwihl museum of local history and old village school is a museum you can touch, a place where history, tradition and the features of Hotzenwald life are vividly documented.

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