Dachsberg stands for discovering and experiencing nature, recreation and rest, pure crisp air, hiking paradise and fun in winter, holidays alone, in pairs, with good friends or also with the family, holidays on a farm, rural traditions and rustic festivities.


Dachsberg is ideal for guests who want to avoid any stress during their holidays, who appreciate quietness and love nature. A pleasure for all senses, Black Forest pure and away from the day-to-day grind – all of these wishes become true in Dachsberg.


The recreational resort of Dachsberg is one of the 14 members of FerienWelt Südschwarzwald e.V.. The village is situated on the rolling hills of the high plateau descending to the Rhine valley towards the south with an overwhelming view of the panorama of the foothills of the Alps and the Swiss Alps.


The landscape around Dachsberg can be explored again and again on numerous walking, winter and bicycle tours. The guided tours with the Upper Hotzenwald Nature Guides are recommended.


Traditions are upheld in Dachsberg, the Mining walking trail and the Mineral museum recall the past with the sites of two mines. The annual Charcoal stack days remind us of the laborious life and work of earlier generations living here. Festivals are always enjoyed superbly supported by three music clubs with traditional and modern brass music.


It has not been proven that the name of the community of 'Dachsberg' (Badger mountain) actually goes back to the badger which is still native to this area. It is however known that the location of Urberg was mentioned in a document as early as 1237 and is thus just as old as Berlin. In 2017, the 780th anniversary was celebrated. Three decades younger are the location of Wolpadingen, which provided the name for an early Hauenstein confederation, and other locations mentioned for the first time in 1266. In 2016, the 750th anniversary has been celebrated. More information concerning the Dachsberg Community.

Highlights in Dachsberg

Schluchtensteig Black Forest Trail

freely accessible / always open

The Municipalities of Dachsberg and Ibach are on the intersection of the Schluchtensteig Trail from Stühlingen to Wehr.

Dachsberg: Mineral museum “Gottesehre”, Urberg

Since the year 2001, the Mineral museumin Urberg has reminded visitors of the village past as an ancient mining site. Special opening hours for groups on prior arrangement.

Dachsberg: Nature Discovery place „Friedrich-August-Grube (mine)“

freely accessible / always open

Dive into the past and learn about the interesting history the former nickel mining. Unusual equipment invites you to play with your children – experience the perfect combination of nature discovery and museum in Dachsberg.

Traditional charcoal burning in Dachsberg

freely accessible / always open

When it comes to charcoal burning, you find masters of the trade in Dachsberg.

Parish Church “Holy Barnard of Baden“ in Hierbach

The massive church in Hierbach towers the southern Dachsberg area.

Nature Reserve “Horbach Moor“, Dachsberg

freely accessible / always open

This is one of the longest established nature reserves in Baden-Wurttemberg.

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