Zentrum Neuenzell, Ibach

The inward journey – Zentrum Neuenzell in Ibach

To have time for yourself – to nurish body, soul and spirit; to take calmness and relaxation from your holiday back to your every day life: this is what the international team of Zentrum Neuenzell in the wide sunny Ibacher High valley is supporting you with.

In an atmosphere of awareness Zentrum Neuenzell offers different possibilities of looking inward and reflection. It is about you as an individual person with your own needs and concerns. Together with you we look at, what you want and need for your stay.

Time for myself – the individual retreat
We invite you for a time out – a time of quiet, relaxation and looking inward. Meditation can support you with that. Even if you have no experience so far: We would like to introduce you into the meditation of mindfulness.

Once a day we offer you with a vegetarian 3 course menu with ingredients from organic farming. In all seasons the nature around Zentrum Neuenzell invites you for walks, cross- country skiing or biking.

Senseful holidays – an individual stay with support
If you are busy in your life with a certain subject or you have the feeling that something is missing. You want to feel yourself more (again) or you are searching for your own authentic spirituality… Zentrum Neuenzell opens the space or the essential questions of life. With professional spirituell-therapeutical guidance according to your personal concerns you can give yourself time for you inward search.

Guiding through crisis
Maybe you are having a crisis or a burnout. Zentrum Neuenzell offers different possibilities of support, to come back to yourself and take the crisis as a chance in your process of growth. Maybe you find out essential things about yourself and you can have a look at, what the next step might be.

Supervision, courses, seminars, and training complement and deepen the individual support. Ask for our folder or visit our homepage: www.neuenzell.de

Zentrum Neuenzell
Hochtal 30
79837 Ibach - Unteribach
phone +49 (0) 7672.1283
fax +49 (0) 7672.924 79 70

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