Traditional charcoal burning in Dachsberg

When it comes to charcoal burning, you find masters of the trade in Dachsberg.

Living traditions

Every year at the end of July/early August you can visit the charcoal burning days on the forest sports ground in Dachsberg-Wolpadingen. Watch the various steps of development from the beechwood to charcoal. You find information on the charcoal burning on on-site text and illustration boards throughout the year.

Reasons for the revival

The trade of charcoal burning was practiced in Dachsberg up to the first half of the 20thcentury. On the occasion of the festivities for the 1000 year celebration of Austria (the region once belonged to “Vorderösterreich” (North-Western part of Austria), a charcoal kiln was re-erected to remind of times long past. Being met with wide enthusiasm, this event was repeated in a two and three year interval before decision was made to establish it permanently in the event calendar.

The charcoal

The Dachsberg charcoal is very much desired for its energy-rich and unpolluted condition. It is perfect for barbecues. Compared to industrial coal, you only need half of the usual amount for one barbecue. It can even be used as homeopathic medicine.

Our extra tip

Charcoal has a long-standing tradition as a well-proven natural remedy, for example against diarrhoea. In a small booklet created by an experienced charcoal maker from the Harz Mountains, you can read about further medical uses. The booklet is available at the tourist information centre but it can also be acquired in the » online-shop.

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