Schluchtensteig Black Forest Trail

The Municipalities of Dachsberg and Ibach are on the intersection of the Schluchtensteig Trail from Stühlingen to Wehr.

Am Schluchtensteig bei Dachsberg
Am Schluchtensteig bei Dachsberg

Stretching over a length of 118 kilometres, this first class hiking trail starts in Stühlingen. It passes along some steep cliffs, referred to as “Wutachflühen” through the Wutach gorge on its way along the Municipalities of Bonndorf, Lenzkirch and Schluchsee. After passing St. Blasien, it crosses the gently rising heights of Dachsberg and Ibach. Then it winds its way through the dramatic scenery of the Wehra valley with the Hohwehra gorge from Todtmoos down to the small town of Wehr.

After a long leg characterized by the gorges, the Schluchtensteig trail hiker reaches the pasture landscape around the district of Urberg at the Lehenkopf Tower on the boundary between Dachsberg and St. Blasien. From here, you will enjoy a stunning panoramic view. Particularly impressive are the views northward to the mountain peaks of Feldberg and Herzogenhorn and southward to the foothills of the Alps and the Swiss Alpine panorama which seem close enough to touch, weather conditions permitting.

From Horbach you reach the small lake “Klosterweiher” with the restaurant of the same name which was reopened in May 2012. You find information on the natural sights of the area on a board there. Now the trail leads gently uphill before you reach the next destination, the Nature Discovery place “Friedrich-August-Grube” on the area of a former silver mine and later nickel mine. Pass the pastures near Ruchenschwand and you reach the Ibach Panorama Trail which you will follow on a short leg while enjoying more breathtaking views. From here up to the Ibach Cross you will largely bypass the nature reserve “Kohlhütte-Lampenschweine”. After crossing the road L150, you have reached the area Todtmoos from where you descend through the Hohwehra gorge to the village centre and further along the small river Wehra to the final destination.

For accommodation please check the information board at the Klosterweiher in Dachsberg.

The leg St. Blasien – Ibach Cross is also an ideal day hike. Here you benefit from your Konus guest card with a free bus ride to the starting point in St. Blasien.

Please note:On most legs, hiking on the Schluchtensteig Trail is not recommended with rain and snow conditions.

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Schluchtensteig Schwarzwald

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