“Saileweiher“ in Dachsberg

The “Saileweiher“, a moor created in the course of the last Ice Age at the edge of the “Saile Forest”, is a nature witness of that age.

Also referred to by residents as “moose”, the “Saileweiher” adds to the numerous moors in the Upper Hotzenwald.

It developed as a dead ice hole after the glaciers had melted at the end of the latest Ice Age. The retreating glacier left an ice cube behind. The moraine residues slipped downward from the ice lens, forming into a “shore” for the melting ice (original text from the forest hiking map Dachsberg-Ibach).

In spring, the melt water from the snow covers is collected in the circular pond, with some fir trees growing in the centre of it. With the approaching summer, the pond gradually disappears and the moor vegetation becomes visible.

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