Neues Schloss der Herren von Schönau in Wehr (New castle of the Lords of Schönau)

The “Neues Schloss der Herren von Schönau” (New castle of the Barons of Schönau) is built in the style of the late baroque and today functions as the town hall.

The new castle is located opposite the old castle and was built 1748 by Fidel Josef Franz Anton of Schönau. In 1893 the family sold it to Wehr. It has housed the town´s administration since 1895. Luigi Bossi from Porto/Lugano designed the music room. Fine stucco work show motives from the world of music. The style is a combination of rococo and classic trends. In this room the Barons of Schönau held oppulent celebrations as documented by the author Hermine Vilinger.

The Music Room, which today is used mostly for wedding ceremonies, can be visited onappointment with the Tourist-Information(07762-808-601).

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