Dachsberg: Mineral museum “Gottesehre”, Urberg

Since the year 2001, the Mineral museumin Urberg has reminded visitors of the village past as an ancient mining site. Special opening hours for groups on prior arrangement.

The Museum

The mining on the Northern Dachsberg area dates back to the early Medieval Age. The mineral museum is dedicated to the fluorite and barite mine “Gottesehre” in Höll-Bildstein which was closed in the year 1987. A large collection of minerals taken from this mine is presented in the showroom.

Special exhibition as of 29 June 2014

On 29 June 2014, a special exhibition “Small treasures – on large scale” will be opened. Photographic enlargements were produced from individual small or even mini-sized mineral specimens. The photos reflect the delicate structure and unique beauty of the minerals. In the exhibition, you can compare the originals with the enlargements which surely provides insights in the amazing world of the treasures of our earth. On this day, the museum will be open from 11 to 6 p.m.

At the same time, there will be a small mineral sale in the showroom while the annual summer festival of the music club of Urberg will take place on the village square in front of the museum.

You cannot miss the museum as soon as you have passed the church of Urberg. A so-called “Hund” which means a transport cart in the mining, shows the way to the entrance.

More things to see….

The information boards in the entrance hall show the ordeal of themining in the early MedievalAge. In those days, silver was the object of desire for miners.

In an adjacent room, you can watch a film showing Dachsberg and the late days of the mining.

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07.11.2016 to 24.12.2016
02.01.2017 to 22.02.2017
03.03.2017 to 12.04.2017
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Mineralienmuseum "Gottesehre"
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79875 Dachsberg - Urberg
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