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Pasture Trail Dachsberg-Ibach

freely accessible / always open

Nature conservation in harmony with land use in the Southern Black Forest

Playground and barbecue area Mutterslehen

freely accessible / always open

Playground and barbecue area next to the forest

Playground Lower Ibach

freely accessible / always open

Beautiful playground for the kids.

Schorrmättleplatz, Upper Ibach

freely accessible / always open

From Schorrmättleplatz you will enjoy a superb 360 degree view.

Schwarzenbächle Valley between Dachsberg and Hotzenwald

freely accessible / always open

This valley is a paradise for hikers, bikers and nature lovers.

Steffi Böhler cross-country skiing track

freely accessible / always open

This panoramic cross-country skiing track in Ibach iscertified by the German Skiing Association (DSV).

Veda-Energeticum in Ibach

Energy work and seminars.
Ayurvedic treatments and other massages, nutrition advice, herb seminars and more.

Viewpoint “Lampenschweine“ at Ibach

freely accessible / always open

One of the most stunning lookout points in the High Valley of Ibach.

Zentrum Neuenzell, Ibach

The inward journey – Zentrum Neuenzell in Ibach

To have time for yourself – to nurish body, soul and spirit; to take calmness and relaxation from your holiday back to your every day life: this is what the international team of Zentrum Neuenzell in the wide sunny Ibacher High valley is supporting you with.