Time for myself

Time for myself, time which I quite intentionally take to communicate with myself, to recognise and fulfil my wishes and dreams.

Our providers support you in quite different ways if you place yourself into the centre of your holidays. Let go of the daily grind, leave your obligations behind, forget unsolved problems – it is only you who is important now. Find all the time you need, for yourself, your spirit and your soul.

Weg der Heilung

freely accessible / always open

Bad Säckingen. Der Weg der Heilung ist ein Weg, der mit unterschiedlichen Elementen gestaltet wurde: Ergänzend zum therapeutischen Angebot in den Bad Säckinger Kliniken lädt er dazu ein, den persönlichen Lebenszusammenhängen nachzuspüren.

Zentrum Neuenzell, Ibach

The inward journey – Zentrum Neuenzell in Ibach

To have time for yourself – to nurish body, soul and spirit; to take calmness and relaxation from your holiday back to your every day life: this is what the international team of Zentrum Neuenzell in the wide sunny Ibacher High valley is supporting you with.

Pottery workshop “Eichenhof“, Outer Urberg

Come and visit the permanent exhibition of beautiful unique pottery artworks made by using various techniques. In the workshop, you can attend a customized pottery course. Another focus is on the therapeutic artwork at the pottery board.

Veda-Energeticum in Ibach

Energy work and seminars.
Ayurvedic treatments and other massages, nutrition advice, herb seminars and more.