Burgruine Bärenfels Wehr (castle ruin Bärenfels)

On top of the “Burgruine Bärenfels” (castle ruin Bärenfels), you can enjoy a great panoramic view.

The “Burgruine Bärenfels” (castle ruin Bärenfels), previously called “Steinegg”, is located at the entrance to the Wehra valley above Wehr, high up In the “Hotzenwald” hill. Its origins remain unknown. In the 13th century the castle probably passed into the possession of the Barons of Schönau. Later, the owenership passed on to the “Markgrafen” (earls) von Hachberg They, in turn, let the castle to the Barons of Bärenfels, knights from Basel, after whom the castle is named today. Since the end of the 19th century the “Schwarzwaldverein” (Black Forest hiking club) has renovated the castle ruins and opened it for visitors. From the top of the tower, which is visible from afar, you can enjoy a great view of the Swiss Jura, the Dinkelberg and the Wiesental.

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Burgurine Bärenfels Wehr

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