Walking with children

One, two, three, time is running, so are we...

There are a few tricks to ensure that you move forwards rather than backwards when walking with your kids. In this way, you can avoid spontaneous lock-ups and enjoy an unstressed day outdoors:

  • Adapt the length and duration to the age of the child
  • Select short routes
  • Plan many breaks
  • Select an attractive destination together
  • Take friends with you
  • Take your time for discoveries on the wayside
  • Distribute tasks, e.g. watching the breaks

And now, select the destination and off you go – no need of daddy’s shoulders or mummy’s back carrier:


Wolf Paths Black Forest

Will the wolf find his way back to his former home in the Black Forest? May be you will find an answer in Höchenschwand.


freely accessible / always open

The Krai-Woog-Gumpen, a waterfall and pool in the valley of the creek “Schwarzenbächle”, is said to be a glacier mill from the Ice Age.

Dachsberg: Nature Discovery place „Friedrich-August-Grube (mine)“

freely accessible / always open

Dive into the past and learn about the interesting history the former nickel mining. Unusual equipment invites you to play with your children – experience the perfect combination of nature discovery and museum in Dachsberg.

Burgruine Bärenfels Wehr (castle ruin Bärenfels)

freely accessible / always open

On top of the “Burgruine Bärenfels” (castle ruin Bärenfels), you can enjoy a great panoramic view.


freely accessible / always open

A half hour by foot above Bad Säckingen, in the North, is the lake "Bergsee" located. The lake was dammed up to five hectare water surface. Now there are as well gastronomy, rowboats and close by is a game reserve.

Sagenpfad (path of legends) at Burgruine Werrach (castle ruin Werrach)

freely accessible / always open

Immerse yourself into the mysterious world of the ancestors of Wehr. A must for children, families, and friends of old narrative art and traditions.

Rickenbach - Naturdenkmal Solfelsen

freely accessible / always open

The Solfelsen is a 5.4-metre natural landmark in the form of a huge rock created by years of weathering.

Rickenbach - Wasserfall Strahlbrusch

freely accessible / always open

The Strahlbrusch waterfall is located in the romantic wilds of the Murgtal, an eroded valley bursting with primal natural beauty south of Rickenbach in the Hotzenwald.

Pirschpfad in Höchenschwand

freely accessible / always open

"Going to the Pirsch and discover animals" it says on the Höchenschwand Pirsch pfad.

Waldlehrpfad bei Höchenschwand

freely accessible / always open

Experience and understand the Black Forest

Barefoot path Bad Säckingen

freely accessible / always open

Take your shoes off and go into the enjoyment!

Gugelturm in Herrischried-Giersbach

The Gugelturm observation tower is a popular destination for hikers andmountain bikers, as well as being one of the most striking symbols of theHotzenwald region.