Wolf Paths Black Forest

Will the wolf find his way back to his former home in the Black Forest? May be you will find an answer in Höchenschwand.

Not far from the Black Forest, near the Swiss Chur live some wolves. At some point, it is believed, the wolves will find their way across the Rhine. With the Wolfssteig a symbolic way for the return was expelled.
This Wolfssteig is part of the three new tourism projects in the district of Waldshut, which want to prepare the population and guests for the return of the wolves. In these projects, the municipalities Waldshut-Tiengen, Höchenschwand and Weilheim, the district of Waldshut, the district forestry office and other partners cooperate.
Wolfssteig, Wolfspfad and Wolfshütte provide information about the wolf.
The location of the Wolfshütte at Höchenschwand-Strittberg is marked on the map. The courses of Wolfssteig and Wolfspfad can be seen in the following tour descriptions.