Outdoor treasure hunt with satellite support – a great holiday activity for couples, families, groups.

In geocaching, the point is to find a treasure hidden by another person (cache) and to document the discovery. A GPS device fed with treasure map data mainly from the Internet supports searchers. While searching, you are outdoors or in a town getting to know locations and “secret” places to which you would not get otherwise. Important: The treasure stays in the box or is exchanged by one of equal value.

If you have never done any geocaching, you may obtain information from Deutsches Geocaching-Portal. This explains the system in detail.

You will find any amount of “treasure cards” at Internationales Geocaching-Portal. Just enter the postal code of your holiday location and many different caches in the vicinity will be indicated.

The Naturpark Südschwarzwald portal also contains information concerning geocaching as well as treasure cards for caches in the Southern Black Forest area.

And at your location, there are, of course, also some here and there ...

  • If you own a cache in the FerienWelt Südschwarzwald region, we would be very glad if you granted us the permission to place a link to your treasure card or possibly even publish it directly on this website. Please contact us in this respect.