Traditionally charcoal production as 200 years before

In Dachsberg every year in late July / early August there is made charcoal.

Living tradition

Every year in late Juliy / early August the Dachsberg charcoal days (Kohlenmeiler-Tage) are celebratet on the "Waldsportplatz Wolpadingen" (sportsground near Wolpadingen).You can observe the diffrent steps from beechwood to charcoal. There is an information board to explain the work of the charcoal makers, the structure of the kiln and the carbonization process.

Why we do this

The charcoal making in Dachsberg was actively pursued until the first half of the 20th century. Charcoal was needed up to the beginning of the 19th century in the ore processing huts in the region, and also for the numerous glass blowing workshops in the Black Forest. Today you can visite a glass blower in Großherrischwand As part of the celebrations for the 1000th anniversary Austria (the region once belonged to western Austria), a kiln was rebuilt in 1996 to commemorate past time. This event was very high and enthusiastic responsed, it was repeated twice at intervals of two to three years until it was decided to leave them be for fixed base.

The work at the charcoal kiln

This year, 2014, it will be the 16th time since 1996, a charcoal kiln will smoke again on the "Waldsportplatz Wolpadingen". The "Dachsberger Brauchtumsköhler" (custom charcoal maker)  will build the big original Black Forest round kiln, set on fire, charring controlled, and close to cool. With the opening of the charcoal kiln and the harvest of the charcoal, the charcoal days are coming to the end. The charcoal is sold at the town hall of Dachsberg.

Action days  2014 at the charcoal kiln

The charcoal

The Dachsberg charcoal is popular because it is rich in energy and pollution-free. It is ideal for grilling. For a barbecue passage you need only the half of industrially produced charcoal.

A special tip

Charcoal is a proven very old natural remedies, such as against diarrhea. How charcoal can be used medically, you learn in a small booklet, written by an experienced charcoal maker. It is available in the tourist information office and also  in the online-shop.