Rural museums

The lives of our ancestors have left their mark, in the museums they are waiting to be rediscovered.

Rickenbach - Energiemuseum

The museum of energy traces the development of energy generation in Hotzenwald through hydro-electric power, from the early days to the present time.

Klausenhof Open Air Museum - Herrischried

The Klausenhof is one of the oldest buildings in the Black Forest. Even today, the structure dating from 1424 gives the impression of having been abandoned by its last inhabitants only yesterday.

Hotzenwald museum of local history Görwihl

The Görwihl museum of local history and old village school is a museum you can touch, a place where history, tradition and the features of Hotzenwald life are vividly documented.

Ibach: Museum for brush manufacturing & forestry

Groups welcome, please call before.
The museum in the old town hall showcases the traditional trades of brush manufacturing and forestry.

Bernau - Heimatmuseum Resenhof

Der malerische Resenhof in Bernau ist ein über 220 Jahre alter original erhaltener Hochschwarzwälder Eindach-Hof. Werfen Sie einen Blick in die Vergangenheit der Bernauer Bauern. Wie wohnten und arbeiteten sie? Womit verdienten sie ihr Geld?